UPDATE 3: Check out the .NET wrapper now included with Awesomium!

UPDATE 2: New version available for .NET / WPF 4.0 here!

UPDATE: Source code available!  See post here.  Fixed keyboard / Javascript bug :)  Added some sample pixel shader effects! (including HatchingEffect by Charles Bissonnette).  If you need Awesomium_d.dll (for debug builds) you can get it here.

Being able to render and interact with webpages within WPF opens up some great opportunities.  While WPF already includes a WebBrowser, it’s just a wrapper around IE’s ActiveX control.  Unfortunately this prevents it playing nicely with WPF’s layout system 😦

Mixing Google’s Chromium project, a great wrapper called Awesomium and a little WPF pixie dust, we finally have one πŸ™‚ :

WPF Chromium Control

You can try the ClickOnce application here.  Source is available on CodePlex (discussed here).  You should find it works great with Flash and Silverlight (assuming plug-ins already installed) but currently it might choke on XBAPs and Java applets.

If you prefer to run the binaries locally, you can get them here πŸ™‚



For more examples, and an important note about VS2010, be sure to check out Sacha Barber’s related post.

For more fun, have a look at YouCube 3!

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