UPDATE: New version available for .NET / WPF 4.0 here!

The source code for my WPF Chromium WebBrowser control is now available on CodePlex.

The source includes:

Cjc.ThreeDeemium – The sample application, currently without any 3D features.  Go figure.
Cjc.ChromiumBrowser – The WPF Chromium WebBrowser control.  Depends on Cjc.AwesomiumWrapper and the two Awesomium / Chromium C++ DLLs (Awesomium.dll and icudt38.dll).
Cjc.AwesomiumWrapper – A Managed C++ / CLI wrapper around Awesomium.  This is much easier to maintain than the old P/Invoke stuff, and is almost nice to look at 🙂
Awesomium – C++ headers and libraries for Awesomium / Chromium.

There’s also a bonus project 🙂 :

Cjc.WebSnapshot – A small command-line utility using Cjc.AwesomiumWrapper to snapshot a URL (you need to specify a full URL including the scheme – https://chriscavanagh.wordpress.com etc).