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CJC Photo Print (WPF photo adjustment and printing utility)

Source code

SkinBuilder (create website skins from WPF / XAML)

Binaries + sample files
Source code

Physics demos…
Most of the source code for my physics demos is available on CodePlex (except for the WPF 2D one; I’ll get that moved at some point).  To save you from having to hunt around I’m listing the main ones here.  Enjoy! smile_teeth

Silverlight 2 – 2D Physics revisited (BulletX + wheels + heads)

An update to the Silverlight 1.1 2D Physics demo (below) for Silverlight 2.

Silverlight 1.1 2D (BulletX + wheels)

UPDATE: This sample has been updated for Silverlight 2 beta 1.  See it in action here – now with heads! 🙂

One of my first Silverlight efforts, using the BulletX library; as soon as I get some time I’ll fix the irritating performance problem (stuttering frame rate), I promise!

Demo: Silverlight Physics Demo

WPF / XBAP 3D (BulletX + beachballs)

One of my favorites (I like the specular highlights smile_regular) using the BulletX library.  Don’t forget you can rotate the whole scene by dragging, or zoom in/out by right-dragging.


WPF / Flade (controllable car)

The already awesome Flade engine demo, running as an XBAP.


WPF 2D (Newton Dynamics + car + eggs)

Based on the Newton Dynamics engine.  This would be sweet as an XBAP, but would need to use another (.NET based) physics engine such as BulletX

Demo (EXE):