UPDATE 2: There’s an updated version of the demo based on Awesomium’s own .NET wrapper; read more here.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out the .NET wrapper now included with Awesomium!

I’ve updated my WPF Chromium WebBrowser for .NET 4.0 and Awesomium 1.6 RC1.  You can find the source code here on CodePlex.

Cjc.ChromiumBrowserDemo adds a couple of new features:

  • Zoom in / out buttons.
  • “Console” checkbox – Shows a console allowing you to execute arbitrary javascript on the page.


It currently has a few known issues:

  • Resizing the page (either directly or while rotating) can cause some flicker.  This should be improved by an upcoming Awesomium tweak.
  • Some javascript can cause the console to “die” and ignore subsequent statements.  Don’t use “document” or “window” on their own.  However it appears safe to use things like this:

    document.getElementById( ‘myElement’ ).style.background = ‘red’

To build the solution, make sure you also download Awesomium 1.6 RC1 (direct link) and place it in an Awesomium folder below the root.  Your folders should look something like this:

— Awesomium
—- build
—- docs
—- include
—- samples
— Cjc.AwesomiumWrapper
— Cjc.ChromiumBrowser
— Cjc.ChromiumBrowserDemo
— Cjc.WebSnapshot (optional)

I’ll aim to post a new ClickOnce demo in the next few days.

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