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Oh oh…

RRoD square

Interestingly this 360 [Elite] was a replacement (rather than a repair of my original console) but was manufactured late 2007.  I want a brand new one this time! 🙂

Obviously I’m pleased it’s a free repair 🙂

Check out what’s happening as part of Xbox Live’s 5th birthday celebrations.  I’m all set for a late night of kicking ass and talking trash; let me know if you’ll be online! smile_teeth  My gamertag is Bob Strogg USA; you can get Return to Castle Wolfenstein from Gamestop for $4.99 so no excuses! smile_wink (it runs great on the ‘360 too).

My Xbox 360 now belongs to Bioshock.  If you have a 360, go try the demo now! (it’s cooler than my wife’s Wii smile_shades).  If you’re 360-less, now’s the time to buy!

Seriously, it’s that good.


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