I’ve had some requests to add basic “Save” functionality to my WPF Photo Print utility.  It’s exceptionally quirky, but it gets the job done :)  A few notes…

  • Like the print functionality, it’ll only let you save images that are checked.  If you use the File –> Save as option, it’ll save the currently selected and checked file.  If you use the Save and Export –> Save option, it’ll save all checked images.
  • Files aren’t saved with the name you tell it to use :)  Since it can save a batch of files, it gives each one a name based on the name you specify combined with the original name.  So if your original is called Original.jpg and you save the edited image as MyNew.jpg, the result will be MyNew_Original.jpg.  Totally weird but I didn’t want to give it too much thought just yet.
  • It scales saved images to fit an [arbitrarily sized] 3000 x 3000 box, retaining the required aspect ratio.  This could be improved (so it could figure out an appropriate size based on the original size and transforms you applied), but I decided to leave that as a later exercise.
  • It requires .NET 4.0 or above (if using ClickOnce link, it might install that for you if needed).

The ClickOnce app is available here, and the source is on CodePlex as usual.


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