While visiting the UK over Christmas, I popped over to Dublin to see Steorn’s Orbo technology demo and absorb a pint or two of the black stuff

Here are a few videos:

Slightly longer clip:

Here’s a browse around the exhibit and quick chat to one of the guys about what he was measuring:

Fyi – “Popped” doesn’t exactly do justice to the journey.  It was more like getting a train to Holyhead at 10:56pm, a 4hr ferry to Dublin, a long walk in the cold & dark, all the while my son (who came along with my dad 🙂 ) getting sicker and sicker from a mixture of previous jet lag and a caffeine crash.  If you’re in the area, be sure to visit The Art of Coffee (next door to the Waterways Center) – best cappuccino ever, and a lifesaver when you need to thaw a frozen child 🙂

(It’s interesting to see reactions to this stuff online; there are some strong opinions out there about violations of those pesky laws of thermodynamics).