Mark Monster made a great post about running Silverlight on Linux using Moonlight 2.0 Preview 1.  If you’re on Windows and just want a peek, there’s a nifty project called Portable Ubuntu for Windows (in IE8 you might need Compatibility View for the site).  You can install it like a regular app, then just fire up Ubuntu within Windows whenever you like – you don’t even need a Virtual PC 🙂

I threw a few of my demos at it and it’s great to see soft-body physics running pretty well (it’s a bit slower than Silverlight, but I’m sure they’ll improve that before release).  Some of my other demos didn’t do so well – interestingly they were apps that used WebClient (or maybe HttpWebRequest) to request something from the server.  No doubt that’ll be fixed soon too 🙂 (those Mono guys rock).

Here’s a screenshot (it’s Firefox on Linux, in a regular Vista window! 🙂 ):