You can get the source code for YouCube 2.0 here.  It’s lightly commented, mainly to draw attention to the dirty hacks πŸ™‚

See my earlier post for a brief description of what’s going on and note the following:

  • The main class of interest is CjcWebBrowser.  It starts a worker thread to take snapshots of the browser control and updates the WriteableBitmap through Dispatcher.Invoke.
  • There’s some obsolete code in there (mainly in the NativeMethods folder).  It could use some refactoring πŸ™‚
  • It’s tempting to revert to using the Windows Forms WebBrowser control (instead of the WPF/3.5 one).  It already has a ‘DownloadProgress’ event and seemed to perform a bit better (but I could be wrong on that).  Let me know if you get chance to try it…