UPDATE 3: YouCube 3.0 (based on Google Chromium) right here.

UPDATE 2: Now interactive!  See here for details.

UPDATE: Added a directional light, specular highlight and trackball / mouse control…  Just because I could 🙂

As you know, .NET 3.5 SP1 includes a WebBrowser control.  The current implementation is just a wrapper around the MSHTML ActiveX control, which unfortunately prevents you from doing crazy things to it through WPF.

The ActiveX control itself can be queried for the IViewObject interface and have its Draw method called.  The WPF WebBrowser doesn’t expose this directly, but fortunately the Windows Forms WebBrowser does (alternatively you could host MSHTML directly).

All that remains is to get the image into a WriteableBitmap…  Then the fun can begin 🙂 :


You can try the result here (ClickOnce application).  The source code is available here.  Note the browser isn’t interactive [yet] 🙂 …

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