UPDATE: Source code now available here and on CodePlex.

Here’s a small WPF utility to help make ad-hoc photo printing a little easier.


It borrows a couple of features from Picasa / iPhoto, but with a few notable differences:

  • No need to import your photos into a “walled” library (great if your photos are on a network share like mine, or just want an ad-hoc print from a memory card).
  • Never changes the source image and doesn’t require version history.
  • All operations are additive and vector-based.  Currently supports rotate (90° clockwise), crop (with aspect ratios) and straighten (up to 45° each way).
  • It’s fast (no need to “Apply” changes or undo them later).
  • Potential to add bitmap / shader effects (designed with it in mind, but not implemented yet)…


You should be able to get borderless prints out of it easily enough (or print to XPS for further processing).  It uses the standard print dialog and works fine on my HP Photosmart C7250 (haven’t tested elsewhere yet).  I plan to add extra options like “Save as…” and “Copy to clipboard” when time (and inclination) allows… 🙂

You can get the app here (only 45kb unzipped!).  Note: You’ll need .NET 3.5 SP1.  Later I’ll either post source code here or maybe put it on Codeplex (if any interest from you guys).