UPDATE: This sample has been updated for Silverlight 2 beta 1.  See it in action here – now with heads! πŸ™‚

I’ve updated my Silverlight 1.1 2D physics sample for the latest Silverlight alpha refresh:


There were several breaking changes in there, so here’s a summary of what I needed to do (might help someone trying to do the same):

  • I needed to re-create my projects in VS2008 beta 2.  For some reason, even though VS could compile everything happily I got obscure runtime errors (I’m pretty sure I saw a “file not found” in there).  Creating new projects and dragging the source files across fixed it nicely.
  • Calling the Storyboard’s Begin() method threw an unhelpful exception.  This was resolved (after googling) by giving the DoubleAnimation inside it a target control (set the Storyboard.TargetName and Storyboard.TargetProperty; it doesn’t really matter what they point at).

I’ve also updated it to use the latest BulletX physics source and made the environment a little more interesting smile_nerd.

The animation still seems to stutter slightly.  I’d appreciate it if anyone can tell me how good/bad it runs on a Mac! (assuming the 1.1 refresh is available).  Also, the wheels can occasionally become stuck in mid-air when you move the platforms.  This is related to optimizations in the physics engine (or perhaps it’s just “art” holding them there).  It’d be easy to fix, but I kinda like it…